Pottery And Artwork From Around The World

Pottery And Artwork 

Just like our carvings, our pottery and artwork collection is equally eclectic and impressive. We showcase clay pottery from the American Southwest including pieces from the Hopi, Acoma, Zuni, Navajo, Santa Clara, and other tribes and pueblos. We also feature Bev Doolittle prints exquisitely matted and framed, along with dreamcatchers, Zuni fetishes, and some vintage sand paintings. 
Our Asian collection consists of Chinese and Japanese porcelains, cloisonne, cinnabar, brass, bronze, rosewood, glass and semi-precious stone snuff bottles, and other mediums. All are also hand-made, hand painted; some signed, some not; ranging in age from the late Qing Dynasty, through the 20th Century and into the present. 

Each piece of artwork we display represents some of the finest works of expert artisans and craftsmen, and all are worthy to be proudly displayed among your most cherished appointments. Be sure to contact us for availability. 
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