Gorgeous and Unique Sculptures

Carvings From Incredible Cultures 

In our gallery you’ll find a wonderful collection of carved pieces of stone, wood, and gemstones. At any given time you can browse and select from Zuni fetishes from New Mexico; ironwood from the Sonoran Desert in Mexico; inlaid trinket and ring boxes from India; jade, rose quartz, malachite, lapis, cinnabar, soapstone and other semi-precious stones from China and the Far East. Some of the pieces are recent creations, but many date back to the late 19th Century and early-to-mid 20th Century. All the pieces we select are hand-carved by expert artisans and a proud addition to any collection.  
Discover amazing jade and silver pieces and sculptures expertly crafted by Native American and Central American artisans. Contact Indian Creek Fine Silver Jewelry today for additional information about our amazing sculptures.
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